TIL Frequency analysis in SQL

  • Input: pipe to uniq -c | sort -n (or to uniq -c | sort -nr | less for an interactive experience)
    • Output: SELECT catname,COUNT(*) AS "# of toys" FROM cuties GROUP BY catname;

I pipe stuff to an incantation of uniq -c | sort fairly often. For example, to take a look at what folders have Markdown files, I use:

find . -type f -iname \*md | cut -d"/" -f2 | uniq -c | sort -n

Recently, I found myself needing to do something similar at the psql console. I wound up using this:

# SELECT file_store,COUNT(*) AS "where packages are" FROM packages_package_files GROUP BY file_store;
 file_store | where packages are
          1 |                  9
          2 |                 14

There are a few tricks here:

  • The COUNT(*) function will help us get the total number of rows.
  • The AS "where packages are" is a fun way to give the column a different name.

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