TIL Recover GKE kubeconfig

I found myself needing to teach kubectl how to connect to a particular GKE cluster -- fast. ⚡ī¸

Here's the recipe, which assumes gcloud is set up properly for the correct Google Cloud account.

🚀 Let's go!

What was the cluster name again?

gcloud container clusters list

Copy the correct cluster name. Let's use catsonk8s for our example. The magic is all in the next command:

gcloud container clusters get-credentials catsonk8s  --zone us-east1-c
Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data.
kubeconfig entry generated for catsonk8s.

You'll need to adjust the --zone value to suit or use --region.

🎉 All done! Commands like kubectl get pods are all set up to talk to the cluster.

🍀 Good luck with whatever Kubernetes problem you are solving.

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