TIL Web UI for searching code with datasette and ripgrep

This one is lightning fast.

First, you need to prepare the repository you want to search. I am going to use the source for Python Flask. I cloned the source into /tmp/flask.
Next, you'll want to create a separate directory and set up a virtual environment. You can do that with something like this:

mkdir ~/codesearch && cd ~/codesearch
python3 -m venv v
source v/bin/activate
pip install datasette 

Then, we will install the datasette-ripgrep plugin for datasette:

datasette install datasette-ripgrep

We are almost ready! We need to tell datasette where to look for our data. Create a file called metadata.json with content like this:

    "plugins": {
        "datasette-ripgrep": {
            "path": "/tmp/flask"

🚀 Let's go!

Let's launch it!

datasette -m metadata.json

If everything went well you should be able to browse to localhost:80001 to see the Web interface. Use the hamburger menu and click ripgrep search or browse to localhost:8001/-/ripgrep to get to the ripgrep search.

That's all it takes!

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