TIL Using xsv for manipulating CSVs on the CLI

A colleague asked for recommendations on CSV manipulation at the command line. I freely admit I have nothing sophisticated here. I use my friends cut, grep, head, sort, and uniq. My workflow looked something like this:

Using the IMAP Response Codes in CSV to start:

Get a quick overview of the CSV with less imap.csv and things like:

# head -n2 imap.csv
Response Code,Reference,Status Description (Optional)

Sort all of the values in a particular column:

# cut -d"," -f2 imap.csv | sort -n | uniq -c | sort -nr
  17 [RFC5530][RFC9051]
  11 [RFC3501][RFC9051]
   3 [RFC5259]
   3 [RFC4551]
   3 [RFC4315][RFC9051]

I have a TIL snippet where I used one-liners like these to copy AWS credentials into the clipboard on my Mac:

Get the access key ID:

grep action new_user_credentials.csv | cut -d"," -f3 | pbcopy

Get the secret access key:

grep action new_user_credentials.csv | cut -d"," -f3 | pbcopy

For more complicated tasks and bigger CSVs, I use Python.

Newer isn't always better but it's been a long time since I have re-evaluated by CSV manipulation workflow. Could there be something better? My colleague recommended xsv. It's from the same developer that wrote ripgrep -- a promising start!

Let's use the stats and table subcommands to get an overview of that same IMAP CSV:

# xsv stats imap.csv  | xsv table
field                          type     sum  min        max        min_length  max_length  mean  stddev
Response Code                  Unicode       ALERT      USEATTR    5           20
Reference                      Unicode       [RFC2060]  [RFC9051]  9           18
Status Description (Optional)  Unicode       obsolete   obsolete   0           8

I'm using an old export of my Peloton workouts for this section. Get an overview of the CSV:

xsv stats 0xBRIE_workouts_2021-12-december-22.csv  | xsv table

There are a great many commands available so I won't go through them all.

How many lines in the CSV?

# xsv count imap.csv && wc -l imap.csv
      59 imap.csv

Grab the 2nd through 4th lines (with headers):

# xsv slice -s 2 -e 4 imap.csv
Response Code,Reference,Status Description (Optional)

...and without headers:

# xsv slice -s 2 -e 4 imap.csv --no-headers

🔗 Links and Tools 🛠ī¸

A few other neat things I found while looking into xsv:

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